Pre-Conference Workshop Day

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Workshop A: Drive Strategic Decision Making Through Innovative Use of Real World Evidence

Nataraj Dasgupta, Former Lead Big Data Analytics & Data Science, Purdue Pharma
At the heart of big data in pharma is the need to look at the bigger picture. By gaining access to, and using, external data sources such as claims data, payer data, EHRs and social media, we can create a more intuitive and insightful model for our R&D and development processes.
Focused around the benefits of the data we don’t own, and the challenges facing our interaction with these sources, this workshop will ensure that you feel confident to maximize your development cycle and ensure your novel therapies are targeted, tried and tested in the most efficient and valuable manner possible.

Join in the discussion on key issues including:
Health research in the EU: what are the regulatory and compliance challenges we are facing?
• What is the role of industry initiatives such as IMI and EHR4CR, how could they help you?
• What are we doing with pharmacovigilance?
Understanding the move towards real time monitoring, and the utilisation of safety, adverse event reporting and safety signaling data
• How about the gaps in the data derived from real world settings?
How do we monitor adherence and look to ‘fill’ the missing data set?

This expert led workshop delves in to the key issues around RWE and is a turning point for the pharma industry in the way we access and use data that has been available for years

Nataraj Dasgupta

Former Lead Big Data Analytics & Data Science
Purdue Pharma

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM Workshop B: Drive Strategic Decision Making Through the Effective Transformation of Your Data into Understandable Business Insight

Marie Montoya, Consultant, M Montoya Consultancy Limited
There is a growing industry around “big data” analytics & visualisation, but this often provides incomplete or confusing information for stakeholders which can lead to incorrect decisions that directly impact the bottom line.
This workshop focuses on techniques to ensure that analytical outcomes are effectively presented & communicated, recommending the right actions to improve efficiency & drive business benefit.

Learn simple to use techniques & principles covering:
• How to tell a single, clear message with clear evidence
• Presenting data clearly & effectively
• Combining messages to tell the story you want your audience to take away

Marie Montoya

M Montoya Consultancy Limited