11th -13th September | Amsterdam

Giovanni Tummarello

Siren Solutions
Data Analysts, Investigators and Scientists all have the same problem: a need to slice through their data in different ways, all the time. Traditional Analytics tools see the data "one table at a time", and cross dataset investigation is very difficult or completely manual. The Siren Platform is built for cross dataset investigation. By using an Ontology driven model it allows seamless and meaningful navigation through dashboards, graphs and link analysis, real time alerting and big data search results. This combination of Semantics (Ontology) and Analytics is called ‘data intelligence’ and is critical in sectors where investigative analytics is key. Siren for Pharma: working with some of the top pharmaceutical companies, Siren delivers data intelligence capabilities which visually interconnect datasets in use cases ranging from clinical trials analytics to compliance, regulatory, R&D, drug repositioning and more. See it in action now http://siren.io/lifesciences

11:50 AM Data Intelligence in Pharma R&D: Semantics meets Analytics

  • Discover why, in complex scenarios, information is much more a “knowledge graph” than just a bunch of tables
  • Learn how data intelligence is coming together of “Semantics” (Ontologies) and analytics
  • Understand how with semantic underpinning, the investigative analytic UI can automatically suggest connections in dashboards and graph/link analysis 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Giovanni.

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